The Painted Fish and Other Mayan Feasts - An edible memoir from the back roads and beaches of the Yucatan

The Painted Fish and Other Mayan Feasts "Sonja Lillvik's book made me miss Mexico, but it will also appeal to cooks who have never been there. The recipes are clear and uncomplicated-like all real Mexican cooking. Best of all, her stories show the warmth and cordiality one finds at every Mexican table."

Bill Smith,
Chef,Crook's Corner Restaurant,
Chapel Hill, NC
Author of Seasoned in the South,
Recipes from Crooks Corner and from Home

"Don't let the playful, commanding cover of The Painted Fish and Other Mayan Feasts make you think this is a light-weight book. It certainly is not; rather, it is a serious, accessible, and beautifully designed and executed memoir and cookbook about an historic part of our hemisphere. What a contrast: the Nordic Sonja, on her quest for healing and adventure, and the life she encounters, then embraces (she also embraces her Mayan lobster fisherman, Armando). Sonja Lillvik writes with enthusiasm, alternating tales of her life in the Yucatan with do-able and mouth-watering recipes--which she has now made her own. She clearly has an indomitable spirit to have perservered through differences in culture, language, pace of life, and--most decidedly--food. Read this as a cookbook; read it as a life; read it as a triumph. Me, I'm off to make Sopa de Lima to impress my company. And I'll read them a story or two from the book during dinner."

Martha Casselman,
Literary Agent

"I am enjoying your book very much.The part about the recados brought me very happy memories of my grandmother and me helping her make her recados for the family use in her kitchen in Tizimin. Great addition to your book. And let me share with you that the "Tortillas Waj", "huevos en pan" as my grandmother called them, eggs inside a freshly made tortilla. Wow! My grandmother, brothers and I lived the scene you describe at the cocina of my grandparent's ranch, San Antonio Dzonot (on the road from Tizimin to Colonia Yucatan). Fantastic! That is a tradition that will not fall into oblivion, like many other recipes in your great book."

Paulino Romero,
Merida, Mexico

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