The Painted Fish and Other Mayan Feasts - An edible memoir from the back roads and beaches of the Yucatan

Foodie Sonja Lillvik has written her romantic cookbook of authentic Mayan recipes and an amazing pictorial
of photographs that will capture your yearning for an adventure to the Mexican Carribean a.k.a. the Riviera Maya.
Heat up your diet naturally with delicious dishes collected from the jungle back roads that lead to the Caribbean Sea.

Sonja and friend Suzanne Caprio offer 7 short videos explaining various ingredients used in Mayan cooking. Videography by Ed Dudkowski and David Zacharin, Edited by Ed Dudkowski.

Click on a slideshow image to view a video explanation, as well as a demonstration, on preparing mangoes, red sauce and tortillas, margaritas, jicama, guacamole, chili peppers and plantains.

Cultural and educational tourism is now available in my town. Come for a week or more and learn Spanish or Maya and experience the culture of the Yucatec Mayans as it is today. Highly recommended:

Na'atik Language and Culture Institute is located just off the beaten tourist trail in the colorful, cultural town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Yucatan, Mexico. Offering courses in Spanish, Maya and a variety of Cultural Workshops you are bound to have a great experience meeting friendly locals, trying out delicious local food and exploring surrounding areas of natural beauty. Contact or call Catherine at 52-983-267-1410 for more information.

Listen to a review by foodie Narsai David of and READ MY LIPS, an interview by Bonnie Graham

This cookbook gives you:
  1. Over one hundred recipes tested in California and New York kitchens and translated for the ease and convenience of the English speaking cook.
  2. Culinary tips and Maya Secretos including Chili Safety!
  3. Full color photographs that will entice you to pause and imagine a land where fantasy and reality intertwine.
  4. Insightful stories of modern Maya customs.
  5. Meals so intoxicating we say, Tequila Optional!
  6. A vivid look into the lives of lobster fishermen and fly fishing guides located in the remote village of Punta Allen, Mexico, located in the world biosphere of Sian Ka’an. Heritage Site. UNESCO
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